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Brilliance. Value. Style.


We fuse together the best materials into products that light up your spaces. Bring control to your fingertips with our innovative solutions.

Expect nothing but brilliance.


Take a step further. Be awed by environmentally friendly products at everyday prices. Value because we care.


Work, stay and relax under the comfort
of our rays.

Classic, modern, playful, you will surely
find a style that calls out to you.


We are LED Lighting Products Specialist.

We are LINIQ, your light of choice.

liniq led light


  • Where are your lighting products manufactured?
    Our products are assembled in China under strict quality control measures.
  • Where can I purchase your products?
    You may purchase our products on our website. Alternatively, you may contact us for a list of our recommended retailers.
  • Are your products covered under warranty?
    All our products purchased on our website are covered under 1 year warranty. Terms and conditions apply.
  • What is the difference between lumen and wattage?
    Lumen (lm) measures the brightness of a bulb. Wattage (W) measures the energy used by the bulb. A common misconception is to equate higher wattage to more brightness. The more precise method will be to look at the lumen to wattage ratio. For example, a 10w bulb with 90lm/W will be brighter than a 15w bulb with 50lm/W.


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