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With a large assortment of ceiling canopies and finishes, you are certain to find ones that best suits your needs. Our products use the highest grade of plating, to ensure a high-quality finish. The protective coating is from Germany, which both protects the finish, as well as ensures that it is easy for you to remove.

Our ceiling canopies feature a unique system that allows the wire length to be easily adjusted after installation. The wire enters the canopy through a spring-loaded tube that can be depressed with your finger, allowing the wire to be either lengthened or shortened in seconds.


When selecting the ceiling canopy that is right for you, it is important to consider the location. Is it going to be over a kitchen island, a foyer or a dining table? These factors will determine which ceiling canopy is the correct choice. For example, in a foyer a round canopy with 9 or 13 pendants will probably be an excellent choice. Over a kitchen island, perhaps a linear 5 pendant canopy works best.


While our Chrome and Brushed Nickel canopies are both electroplated, our brass and color canopies are all hand- painted at our North American facility.


Something that people rarely consider when purchasing a light fixture is how easy/difficult it is to install. We have left no detail to chance and as a result what is called the ‘7’ connector is used to install the canopy to the mounting bracket. This system makes it much easier than trying to align a bolt through the hole in the face of the canopy, an advantage that will be appreciated when you are standing on a ladder.


Both the Chrome and the Brushed Nickel material that we have selected for our canopies are of the highest-grade steel that we could find. We then ensure that the polishing and plating process is completed to our standards. The result is a finish that adds a level of sophistication to the whole fixture.


Another advantage of the Contec system, is that it allows the fixture to be installed without the pendants attached to the wires. First, the fixture is much lighter and easier to handle during the installation process. Second, you no longer need to be concerned about the pendants becoming damaged. Once the fixture is safely installed, the pendants can safely and quickly be attached to the wires.

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