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The Curvus collection draws inspiration from the elegant blades of a turbine. 2 special die-cast molds were produced to achieve the sensuous lines of both Curvus and it’s cousin, Firebolt. We then painstakingly polished the surface to perfection to allow for a perfectly plated result. Light is then dispersed though a clear acrylic lens, featuring a frosted face to disperse the beam of light downwards.

CURVUS 02-02.jpg


Special request/small projects

Projects of 300 pendants or more

- adjustable wire (up to 1.8m)

- finish: french gold/chrome

- colour temperature: warm white (3000k)

- power: 3W (each pendant)

- lumens: 300lm (each pendant)

- CRI: 80+

- replaceable LED

- Safety mark power supply

- black/white/copper wire

- 2.5m/3m wire

- LED colour temperature - 4000k, 6000k

- canopies and all metal components can be painted in any colour

- can be fitted with 3W LED (reduces cost)

- non-dimmable driver available (reduces cost)

- custom canopy sizing


This pendant available with all canopies.

Explore our ceiling canopies collection.

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